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Medabil Group began operations in 1967 and since then it has been consolidating itself as one of the leading companies in the constructive metal market, becoming a benchmark of quality within and outside Brazil.

Nowadays Medabil Group has all the expertise and logistics for the construction of many different types of enterprises anywhere in the world. Its Business Units have specialized teams to serve, with quality and agility, the construction, design and assembly of pre-engineered metal buildings for factories, shopping malls, supermarkets and distribution centers.

medabil About Medabil

Leader in the domestic market – and one of the largest companies in this sector in Latin America -, Medabil also offers solutions in heavy construction, such as process building, bridges, pipe racks and metal multi-story buildings, which provides more safety and greater flexibility in construction.

With three factories in the cities of Nova Bassano and Nova Araçá, in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, and the recent incorporation of Açotec – a consolidated company in the segment of steel structures, with manufacturing plants in the city of Chapecó (in the State of Santa Catarina) and in the city of Serra (in the State of Espírito Santo) -, Medabil Group is present in over 20 countries in Latin America, Africa and Europe.

In addition to the factories, the company has an administrative center in the city of Porto Alegre (in the State of Rio Grande do Sul) and offices in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Recife, Salvador, and Curitiba.

The Company’s Profile:

Business: Providing solutions in Metal Constructions.

Mission: Implementing solutions in metal building systems, with technological mastery, leadership and preference in the national and international markets, in partnership with suppliers, ensuring the satisfaction of customers, shareholders and employees.


  • Ethics – a matter of integrity and reliability.
  • Focus on the Customer.
  • Profit – means of perpetuation, lever for growth and development.
  • Continuous improvement in all processes, with creativity and innovation.
  • Transparency and interpersonal communication.
  • Teamwork with commitment in the integrated management.
  • Growth and development of human talents with integrated management.
  • Respect for the environment.
  • Image, asset to preserve.
  • Commitment to the community.


The policy of the Integrated Management System covers the commitment of Medabil to quality, health, safety and environment, for the business determined in the scope. It was established in order to obtain recognition of the capacity and standard of excellence by the stakeholders (customers, employees, suppliers, community).

The policy is communicated throughout the company and to other stakeholders through appropriate media. It is reviewed by the management at each meeting of critical analysis, to verify whether it is appropriate to the reality in which Medabil is inserted. The policy of Medabil’s Integrated Management System is a document controlled by the system itself, following the control of the handbook, so that in cases of alteration, the handbook is revised.

Medabil’s Integrated Management System:

Medabil Sistemas Construtivos S.A., manufacturer of solutions in metal building systems, takes a commitment to seek the continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System with technological mastery.

This Integrated Policy must be understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of the company and made available to the public, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. To this end, it undertakes to:

  • Meet the needs of customers in addition to stakeholders
  • Seek continual improvement of processes, products and services
  • Permanently prevent pollution, work accidents and occupational diseases, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and other requirements subscribed by the organization
  • Growth and development of human talents with integrated management
  • Reduce the generation of waste and utilization of natural resources


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