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Medabil and its 50 years of history

The history of Medabil began in 1967, in the city of Nova Bassano, in the countryside of the State of Rio Grande do Sul. Since then, it has been expanding its markets and developing, supported by the values ​​of ethics, respect, entrepreneurship and union. Today Medabil is dedicated to the construction, design and assembly of pre-engineered metal buildings for factories, shopping malls, supermarkets, multi-story buildings and distribution centers, among others, being the national leader and one of the largest companies in this sector in Latin America.

Besides being a leader in the domestic market, Medabil also has a wide international portfolio. Present in more than 20 countries in Latin America, Africa and Europe, Medabil has all the expertise and logistics to build your project anywhere in the world with quality, safety and agility.

Follow the timeline and know Medabil’s history

Beginning of the activities of Medabil Construções S.A., in the city of Nova Bassano.

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Believing in the strength of partnership since the beginning, Attilio Bilibio establishes, with his first partner, Metalúrgica Dagnese & Bilibio Ltda. The company’s first building is built for the manufacture of metal structures.

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The manufacturing area is greatly expanded and with the entry of new partners, the company faces a new configuration.

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Expansion of the company and beginning of the manufacturing of plastic packaging.

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The structure of the company grows to serve its new customers. It is now going to be named Medabil Metalúrgica Ltda. This same year the new headquarters for the production of plastic packaging, called Medabil Plásticos, is established in the city of Porto Alegre.

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Opening of the manufacturing plant in the city of Osasco (in the State of São Paulo), for the manufacture of plastic packaging.

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The PVC plant has its activities centered in the city of Porto Alegre (in the State of Rio Grande do Sul). Expansion of product line in PVC for ceilings/wall coverings, folding doors, blinds and partitions. This year, the company changed its name to Medabil Plásticos Ltda.

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The company started to perform in two distinct segments: in Nova Bassano (in the State of Rio Grande do Sul) it manufactured metal structures, for silos and warehouses; in the city of Porto Alegre (in the same State) it produces the line of PVC products.

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In August 1996, Medabil Construções S.A., already a traditional manufacturer of metal structures with the “Medabil System” of constructions, signed an agreement for a joint venture with the U.S. company Varco-Pruden Buildings, constituting Medabil.

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From January 1997, there was a restructuring in the company and with the joint venture, Medabil brings the “VP System” – a unique and modern technical program for the design and manufacture of pre-engineered metal structures – to Brazil.

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Believing in long-term international partnerships and aiming to expand in the segment of PVC, in 1998 Medabil Group forms another joint venture, now with the Belgian Group Tessenderlo Chemie, changing its name to Medabil Tessenderlo S/A.

Medabil is certified with ISO 9001 in the same year.

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At the end of 1999, Medabil participates for the first time in the selection process of companies competing for Prêmio Qualidade RS (RS Quality Award), 2000 Edition, of Programa Gaúcho de Qualidade e Produtividade (Program for Quality and Productivity of the State of Rio Grande do Sul).

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In its second participation in Prêmio Qualidade RS (RS Quality Award), Medabil was awarded the Bronze Trophy, 2001 Edition, in recognition to the effort and commitment towards Leadership, Process Management and Results that the company obtained, and also for its Total Quality Management.

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On January 9, 2002, Medabil recertified its Quality Management System in its two factories, in accordance with ISO 9001, 2000. On January 22 in the same year, Medabil opened its second factory in Nova Bassano, with 12.500 m², forming a new industrial complex and being considered one of the most modern plants in the domestic market.

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In September 2003, Medabil incorporated the company Metal Ross Indústria Metalúrgica Ltda. and made it its third factory, in the city of Nova Araçá.

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In September 2004, Medabil Group sells the PVC manufacturing unit – Medabil Tessenderlo S/A – and then directs its efforts towards the segments of industrial and commercial plants, multi-story buildings and the construction system Casa Forte. Medabil is also chosen the Engineering Company of the Year by the magazine O Empreiteiro (The Contractor).

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Medabil entered the Hall of Fame of Varco-Pruden Buildings for the third time. It purchases the portion of the joint venture owned by the Mexican Group IMSA, being in total control of the company.

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It transfers the office of Porto Alegre to the Airport Business Center, work in the Medabuilding system. The company is renamed to Medabil Sistemas Construtivos S.A.

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The company celebrates 40 years of foundation. It finishes the expansion of the unit II in Nova Bassano, with 60 thousand square meters of areas in its factories. It gets the ISO 14001 (Environment) and OHSAS 18001 (Hygiene and Safety) certifications.

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The year it celebrated 42 years in the market, Medabil opened another manufacturing plant in the city of Extrema (in the State of Minas Gerais) dedicated to the production of industrial buildings, multi-story buildings, process buildings, among other large-sized works.

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Seeking greater focus, more agility and even more quality in its services, Medabil migrates to a Business Structure, becoming Medabil Group. This year, Medabil Group incorporates the company Açotec – consolidated company in the segment of steel structures – extending its expertise and its production capacity with two more factories, located in Chapecó (in the State of Santa Catarina) and in Serra (in the State of Espírito Santo).

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Medabil innovates once more and launches the business unit Metabil Structural Systems.

2011 History of Medabil

Medabil celebrated 45 years of solid structures and business relationships. A history filled with positive results and great accomplishments, built by people who know that innovation is the key to success.

2012 History of Medabil


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