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Medabil is the market leader in Latin America and has a huge international portfolio. With 50 years of experience it offers steel solutions for the most diverse types of projects. Present in over than 30 countries in the Americas, Africa, the Middle East and Europe, Medabil is able to send its steel structures to any countries under any requested Incoterm.

Medabil structures are exported under the Full Step concept, ensuring that the structures will be shipped and organized according to the assembly plan. For this, the parts are manufactured and placed in the exact sequence of assembly, shaft after shaft, storey after storey and fixed in SKID by which will be moved all the time, both in the process of loading the Container in our factory, as In the discharge in the  building site, thus avoiding any kind of damage, loss, misplacement and disorganization at the construction site.

Medabil also offers the complete erection of the structures through its partners / builder or the services of supervision, planning, control and supervision of the quality of the erection assisting the client in the necessary actions for the success of the work.

Medabil, an engineering solution with quality and innovation inside and outside Brazil.

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Medabil around the world

We are in more than 30 countries besides Brazil.