What we do

Horizontal Constructions

Comercial and Industries

The Constructive System stands out by offering complete solution from steel structures, roofing panels and side closure, gutters, flashings and shots, natural lighting, thermostatic insulation, natural ventilation, among others.

The structures take advantage of pre-engineered systems that adapt to the client’s project in order to provide a customized constructive system. This system allows more agility and smaller execution period, reducing the size for jobsite and generating fewer residues at the end of the work.

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Multi-Storey Buildings

Cost-effective solutions, fast and environmentally friendly works for multiple decks for commercial purposes, such as offices, hospitals, hotel, garage buildings and shopping centers. They are metallic structures of steel aligned with what is most modern in relation to commercial enterprises. With an agile process  that reduces the load on the foundations, steel frame offers short-term solutions and high quality, and generate less environmental impact compared to conventional solutions.

Being an Industrialized solution, the structures are produced and delivered in stages. This process optimizes the transport and storage of parts, at construction site and reduces the amount of residuous. It also provides flexibility in the erection process, which allows the work to be made in shorter time than in conventional solutions. This term gains results in antecipated financial return.

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Açotec is a reference in steel structures for road bridges, railway and overpasses with structural solutions to meet various design needs, whether the clearance necessary, logistics, accessibility, among others.

These structures are manufactured with the latest technology for material and design employing highly skilled team in order to keep high quality and safety standards since pre-erection up to the final lifting of the piece ensuring low maintenance levels and an easy dismantling process (if necessary).

Process Structures

Açotec has solutions in design, manufacture and large structures erecton, such as heavy industrial buildings and pipe racks. It is able to work in the following fields: Mining and Metallurgy, Pulp and Paper, Chemical Industry, Petrochemical, Energy and Bioenergy, Ports and Shipyards, Sugar and Alcohol, Oil and Gas and Agribusiness.

With latest automated and integrated generation equipment, the process of manufacturing and erection is optimized, providing greater control of quality and safety throughout the production process. The pieces have a full traceability system allowing the identification of product at any stage.

Special Projects

Medabil has solutions in design, manufacturing and erection of special structures such as hangars, airports and projects with different architectural approach.

Technical Services

Medabil offers differents solutions to meet client needs with speed and efficiency in preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance and retrofit.